Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things That Annoy Me

There are several things I've come across lately that just annoy me to no end. Sorry if some of these apply to you, or maybe not. Take this as a passive aggressive way of telling you that there's something you need to change.

1. People Who Start ETSY Shops To Sell Something A Kindergartner Could Make. 

Seriously folks. This looks exactly like a painting I made when I was in elementary school. How much is it to buy a plain iPhone case from the craft store and paint it? And you're hocking this crap for $12.99 + S&H? Does anyone actually buy this stuff? I assume the same people that are making and selling these phone cases are the same people making the same cheap beaded necklaces that we made and gave our mom's for mothers day circa pre-school. Again I ask you, who actually buys this crap? And what insane/awful friend of yours gave you the crappy line "OMG Becky! You should totally sell those!" making Etsy the new online craft fair that people dread. Occasionally you come across something beautiful or a genius invention, but those are far and few between. And how people get others to buy these items... Well that brings me to number 2.

2. People That Use Social Media For The Sole Purpose Of Selling Crap.

I'll say the obvious here, I hate ads. But the worst is when you get a message on Facebook from someone you haven't heard from in years, thinking "hey, maybe Jane has forgiven me for accidentally tripping her in the lunch room during senior year." And then your phone services craps out on you (like mine frequently does) so you spend the whole day wondering what Jane could have wanted, and pondering every good or bad thing that she could have needed to speak to you about. So when you finally get home to your Wi-Fi, you can bring up Facebook on your phone and filled with excitement/dread you open the message from Jane and find that she has lost 30 pounds and wants to offer you the weight-loss product that worked for her. The first 10 seconds are spent wondering if Jane has noticed from your pictures that you've gained some weight and she's just being a blunt friend. But then you notice she began the message with Dear Friend, and the cards fall into place. Jane doesn't care about your friendship, she wants your money because she got caught in some pyramid scheme and now she needs to sell enough products or enlist enough people to get out of her debt. Jane is a bitch, and that's all there is. Tell Jane to screw off and then block her. It'll be awkward at the reunion, sure, but no more awkward than graduation was when she had to go across the stage on crutches because she "tripped" (over your foot).

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