Tuesday, January 21, 2014

31 Day Challenge: Day 3

Yes I realize that "day 2" was last week. I'm terrible with keeping up with schedules. If it doesn't have something important balancing on whether I make a deadline, I'm definitely missing that deadline.

Okay, so back to the challenge. Day 3 is My Favorite Quote.

"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your own being" - Hafiz of Shiraz

I don't share this much but I have mental issues. I don't have an exact diagnosis yet but it's somewhere near depression. This quote always makes me feel like there's some light in the darkness when it engulfs me.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I read through a couple of my previous posts and I don't believe I have ever done a proper introduction post. So here is my "About Me" post.

My name is Bethany. I’m 23 years old. I live in the exact middle of the continental United States. I graduated from college last May and I’m currently working full-time at a domestic violence shelter. My job takes up most of my time, and what time I do have left over, I spend reading, watching entirely too much Netflix, and trying to fit in some time at the gym.

I’m an avid lifter, I love squats and I’m trying to learn to love running. I started my weight loss journey when I moved home after college in June. I have been trying to measure my progress less by numbers and more on how I feel. The last time I checked, I have lost 20 lbs, 30% body fat, and 6 jean sizes. The body fat and clothing size change more than makes up for only losing 20lbs. 

I am currently in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend Shawn. We have been together for almost 3 years and we are planning on spending an awful lot of time together. He told me recently that he is planning on proposing soon but I have to get a job where he is and be living with him again. Before I moved in with my parents after college, we had lived together for almost 2 years. And if you’re calculating in your head, you are correct. We dated for A month before we moved in together. Most people think we are crazy for that but we just knew that was where it was heading, so we skipped the in-between part. We have been apart for almost 8 months but things have been going well and I think the distance might be closing soon. 

If you have any questions for me or about me, I’m a completely open book. Feel free to ask me anything! 

I’ll be getting around to catching up on the 31 day challenge in the next couple of days, so get ready!!

31 Day Challenge: Day 2

I am determined to finish this 31 day challenge. It might take me a couple months, but I'm going to do it. So the task for day 2 is 20 facts about me (as if I didn't cover most of that in the day 1 post). And I'm really awful about coming up with facts about myself, so please stick with me. And humor me. That would be nice. So here goes...

1. I am 23 years old.

2. I will be 24 years old on the day after Valentine's Day <3

3. I absolutely despise "text speak" such as LOL, HMU, SMH. And honestly, if you know what those mean off the top of your head or because you use them regularly, you're too young.

4. I was unemployed for 3 months after I graduated college. And I've had residents that were unemployed for a day before they found a new job. So sometimes it annoys me when people say its too hard to find a job. Lower your standards and it'll get easier.

5. I'm lucky enough to work in a place where I can get away with wearing yoga pants and sweaters. I do dress nicely sometimes, but I'm lucky enough that I don't have to. I do not like pants. Like real pants.

6. I joined a gym in June of last year and working really hard, I lost almost 30 pounds and close to 30% body fat. I got bored with the gym and the holidays happened so I gained a lot back, but I'm starting again (even though new years resolutions of "I'm going to join a gym and lose 50 pounds" kind of people annoy the crap out of me) and I'm going to keep going where I left off!

7. I have a little sister who is moving to Europe in about a week to do a semester abroad. We don't get along and I'm hoping that the distance will help us get closer and get along better. Although it's not like we don't get along for lack of MY trying. 20 is such a finicky age.

8. I love shopping, but only for accessories like shoes and purses. With my recent weight loss (and subsequent weight gain) I have been having the hardest time trying to find things that fit my body, hence yoga pants and sweaters. Although, I've always had a hard time trying to find things that fit me well. I think it's just my lack of fashion knowledge. But purses and shoes I have in spades!

9. I can wear heels for hours (as long as I don't have to walk too much). I used to wear heels for a job at a retail store where I would walk all day and I got used to them, but now I sit at a desk and still wear heels on occasion which has given me a false sense of the ability to wear heels anywhere at any time. Yeah, bad news.

10. I love reading. I just started doing this idea where I have people suggest book titles to me and I put them in a jar and pull one out and that's the next book I'm to read. It turned out to be a baggie so I could take it with me to the library and also if I hear a book that sounds interesting I can write it down. It's easier for me to have something tangible instead of a list on my iPhone. The last book I read was Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (but I didn't finish it, too slow) and the last book I actually finished was Bossypants by Tina Fey, its pure hilarity if you've never read it.

11. I have a 100-pound 15 month old puppy named Clyde. He's been my rock since I moved away from my boyfriend. And he's the best snuggler I know. Until he actually falls asleep and then starts dream running and kicking me off the twin bed we share.

12. Yes, twin bed. I'm living with my parents right now. Its okay because I don't have to pay any bills or rent, but I'm still 23 years old and living at my parents house and by my parents rules. Yeah, I'm so cool.

13. Religion is a mystery to me. I was raised Methodist but I'm not entirely sure what I believe. I would lean towards Agnostic though. I still go to the Methodist church where I was raised. And I have read the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran. I think its a good idea to know of everything that's out there. And I'm currently re-reading the Bible. I would like to reconnect with my Methodist roots, though.

14. I honestly have no idea what I did before Netflix. I guess I watched cable, but now I spend most of my time either reading or watching series and obscure documentaries on Netflix. Currently, I'm watching Breaking Bad. And yes I know that I'm YEARS behind everyone else, but I had other things to do like go to school for the last 5 years. The last movie I watched was The Guilt Trip with Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand. A very cute movie, if you've never seen it. I highly recommend renting it and watching it with your girlfriends.

15. I am a Whovian. And Moffatt is a terribly evil genius. I mean who could write such a confusing story-line, make it all make sense and then add some character deaths in there for the feels? (If you don't know what Whovian and Moffatt mean, google them)

16. I love everything British. I honestly believe I was born in the wrong century, but I can't fix that. What I can fix is being born in the wrong country. Don't get me wrong, America is a wonderful place but Great Britain seems like such a lovely place to visit. The only country I've visited outside the US is Mexico. I had such a wonderful time (and no, it wasn't a resort in Mexico) and I'd love to go back but it isn't safe. I want to do some more traveling, but with a social work salary I don't think the trips I want to take are going to happen.

17. I don't have one favorite type of music. I'm more into classic rock and 70's folk right now. My favorite song is Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones. I don't like current country music. Sorry if you do, but I can't listen to 15 songs by 10 different people about 2 different subjects.

18. I may have to birth a child at work this week, but it's okay. I've been trained how to do it. I was a Girl Scout.

19. My next purchase is probably going to be a body shaper. Also, I knit. So I might secretly be 70. My boyfriend thinks I am.

20. I have a weird addiction to sweet and sour chicken.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Late New Year's Resolutions

I'm only about 10 days late on making resolutions, not bad. At least I'm making a plan to do something. I want to start reading/writing blogs more. I love hearing what other people think and I've turned into such a huge bibliophile lately. I guess that comes from actually having the ability to read for pleasure instead of being forced to read long, dry textbooks. I've been reading non-fiction lately ("gasp!" says my high school self), but light non-fiction. I'm not taking on anything Kearnes has written yet. I just finished Bossypants, the Tina Fey autobiography. Granted I had it read to me over the span of 3 day's commutes and 2 hours on the treadmill at the gym by TINA FEY HERSELF. Yeah, I fangirled a little when I found out that it was read aloud by Tina Fey. And right now I'm reading (read: listening on my drive to work) a book called Sparkly Green Earrings. I'm not sure who it's by. It's a memoir written by a mommy blogger, and I'm sure someone must have heard of her, the blog, or the book and will politely comment with the name (please??).

With expanding my reading possibilities, I'm wanting to start writing more. I've heard all the news lately that "The printed word is dead!" and that everyone and their mama has a blog. But what's one more going to hurt? I know that no one is going to pay me for this, but I feel like it could be a good outlet.

Okay, I'll admit it. There's nothing special about me. But I think my life is interesting, and I hope to add enough humor to keep you entertained, dear reader.

So I'm starting with some stupid thing I found when I googled "31 day blog challenge." I may stray away from it but I want to use it as a start.

Personally, I think starting my resolution 10 days later gives me a better chance at sticking to it. Or maybe that's just what I like telling myself.

Here's my question for you, dear reader. What are your New Year's resolutions? Follow up question: How do you plan on sticking to it, or have you given it up already?

Loves, B.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things That Annoy Me

There are several things I've come across lately that just annoy me to no end. Sorry if some of these apply to you, or maybe not. Take this as a passive aggressive way of telling you that there's something you need to change.

1. People Who Start ETSY Shops To Sell Something A Kindergartner Could Make. 

Seriously folks. This looks exactly like a painting I made when I was in elementary school. How much is it to buy a plain iPhone case from the craft store and paint it? And you're hocking this crap for $12.99 + S&H? Does anyone actually buy this stuff? I assume the same people that are making and selling these phone cases are the same people making the same cheap beaded necklaces that we made and gave our mom's for mothers day circa pre-school. Again I ask you, who actually buys this crap? And what insane/awful friend of yours gave you the crappy line "OMG Becky! You should totally sell those!" making Etsy the new online craft fair that people dread. Occasionally you come across something beautiful or a genius invention, but those are far and few between. And how people get others to buy these items... Well that brings me to number 2.

2. People That Use Social Media For The Sole Purpose Of Selling Crap.

I'll say the obvious here, I hate ads. But the worst is when you get a message on Facebook from someone you haven't heard from in years, thinking "hey, maybe Jane has forgiven me for accidentally tripping her in the lunch room during senior year." And then your phone services craps out on you (like mine frequently does) so you spend the whole day wondering what Jane could have wanted, and pondering every good or bad thing that she could have needed to speak to you about. So when you finally get home to your Wi-Fi, you can bring up Facebook on your phone and filled with excitement/dread you open the message from Jane and find that she has lost 30 pounds and wants to offer you the weight-loss product that worked for her. The first 10 seconds are spent wondering if Jane has noticed from your pictures that you've gained some weight and she's just being a blunt friend. But then you notice she began the message with Dear Friend, and the cards fall into place. Jane doesn't care about your friendship, she wants your money because she got caught in some pyramid scheme and now she needs to sell enough products or enlist enough people to get out of her debt. Jane is a bitch, and that's all there is. Tell Jane to screw off and then block her. It'll be awkward at the reunion, sure, but no more awkward than graduation was when she had to go across the stage on crutches because she "tripped" (over your foot).

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Start: Day 1

I have started a 90-day weight loss challenge at the gym and I think if I work at it, I can change other aspects of my life in that 90 days as well.

Things I would like to change:
- My weight
- My unemployment status
- My relationship with my parents
- My living situation

I saw an article about a Google employee who challenged himself to do something (or not to do something) for 30 days. It took me to a website www.30daychallenges.net where people post their own challenges and how they are doing with them. One of them was 30 days of blogging. I can do that. Every night I will post an update on what I've done towards completing my goals. I'm going to use this to be accountable to myself and to any readers (but does anyone actually read this?). 

So far I'm about a week into the weight loss challenge (I'd say 10 days?) so I'm going to start today as day 1 and just finish the weight loss challenge before I'm done with my personal goals.

I've lost 0 pounds since last week but I've lost 2.5% body fat. I know I eat crap and I don't do as much cardio as I should. I spent 2 hours at the gym tonight and burned 1,100 calories. I'm starting to develop a love/hate relationship with the stair-stepper. I hate it while I'm on it but when I look at my heart rate monitor I absolutely adore it. I know my legs and butt going to hate it tomorrow, though. 

My unemployment status is a pretty sore subject right now, which is also why I have problems with my parents. I've been living in their house for 2 months now and I absolutely hate it (hence, the living situation goal). I'm tired of being under their thumb all the time and I know they're tired of me living here. I know I need to get a job but I've been trying for 4 months to find a job and I'm getting burnt out and frustrated. I just wish someone would call me back!! I had an interview at a place that does work with autistic kids almost 2 weeks ago but I haven't heard back from them. 

My boyfriend, Shawn, recently got a job at a temp agency. I'm really proud of him for getting a job. It's something so he doesn't have to move back in with his parents but its not enough to support both of us and our furbaby. It's a good set up though; he can just tell the agency that he's done when either he or I get a permanent job.

I'm just tired of feeling likes a useless waste of space. I need something to make me feel worthy again. I need something to my name.

Well, here I go.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Apparently my life needs coaching

My aunt has decided that she is going to become a Life Coach. I'm her guinea pig.

Awesome. So my life needs coaching? That's a fantastic thing to hear. Especially when I feel like my life is already falling apart.

I am so tired of searching and applying for jobs. I feel like I'm practically begging for someone to hire me. I'm just ready for someone to "discover" me. I wonder where I might meet someone that could discover me and just hand me the perfect job. Anyone know of such a magical place? Or if such a thing even happens?