Sunday, May 12, 2013

Farewell to College

At times, college was difficult and challenging. I had to figure out new places on my own and adjust to becoming a grown up. College was also a blast! I met lots of people and one of them became the person that I can't see my life without. I met my best friend, Shawn at his fraternity house almost 3 years ago. We have been dating for 2 years and we currently live together. At the end of this month we are becoming a long distance relationship. I'm moving home with my parents while he takes summer school classes to finish college. Last summer tested our relationship when he took an internship in Arizona for the summer while I was at home taking summer classes. We tried to talk every day and I missed him like crazy. This summer we will only be 2 hours apart, but its just beginning to sink in that I won't get to see him everyday and I won't get to sleep next to him every night.

I do not have any job prospects, but Shawn may have gotten a job in Arizona because of his internship. If he gets it, we will move there together. Its half-way across the country and it may be a difficult move. I have started looking at places to live but there aren't many houses for rent where we will be living, Page, Arizona. It's up between the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, Utah. We also have a dog, so renting a place with a fenced in yard that allows dogs narrows our search quite a bit.

Well the boys are back with pizza and Zoolander so I'm gonna stop writing for now. I hope you're still with me and willing to stick with me as I figure things out. 

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