Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to clean to get your deposit back.

I can honestly say in the 22 months I have lived in this apartment I have cleaned the bathroom once. And here I am 5 days away from moving out and I'm freaking out. I could really use that deposit back to pay for my bills. 

So I scoured my kitchen cabinet. And honestly I have bought almost every lazy person's cleaning product. I bought the self cleaning sprays. None of them worked instantly like they show on the commercials. I bought the special wipes for bathtubs but my soap scum is so intense that they ripped the wipe and the scum is still there. 

But have no fear, readers. For I have found a cheap product that worked. Magic Erasers. They certainly are magic. It takes a little elbow grease but a few rough swipes and the dreaded soap scum is gone. 
 I forgot to take a "before" picture and honestly I have no idea how to do a split screen picture (damn technology) but the right side is done and the left side is my nasty uncleaned bathtub. It took me about 5-10 minutes of good scrubbing to do half of the bathtub. And I haven't figured out how to do the other side because I have sliding glass doors and a toilet on the other side. I may just have to take a cold bath with dirty water to get the other side. 

I will have a post later on the shower walls because when I moved in the grout was black (it's supposed to be white, by the way).

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