Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gotta Find a Job!

I drove an hour over to my moms hometown to drop off an application. They have 2 openings. One for a child case manager and one for a family case manager. I drove all that way hoping I could meet with someone and interview then but the HR people were out of the office doing training. So I drove around looking at things from my childhood and looking for houses for rent in hopes that I get the job and get to move to the town where I spent all my summers as a kid. My cousin works at the place too so I would get to spend more time with her. 

And moving to the place that held so much wonder as a kid would be wonderful. It was where grandma and grandpa lived. It was where you could drive through the park and see lions. It was where on hot summer afternoons grandma would take me to the library so I could pick out a book. I would love to move to that wonderful place but I'm hoping that actually living there doesn't ruin my childhood fantasy of magical Independence. 

My mom wants me to get a job there so she can have somewhere to stay during their fall festival. Jeez. Thanks mom. 

Shawn also says he won't want to live there forever. He doesn't understand. 

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