Monday, May 13, 2013

We Need To Talk...

As much as I hate saying that to Shawn, we do need to talk. I don't want to move that far away. Its hard to look for somewhere to live 1,200 miles away. I'd rather find a job somewhere close and that way I could move into a place and he could join me when he's done with school.

I've also discovered that I hate staying home all day by myself. It's so boring! And Page only has one opening. It would probably be a while before I'd find a job there and I don't want to do the stay-at-home mom thing yet. I want to utilize my college degree. If I find a job somewhere near the city, I'm sure he would be able to find a job somewhere up there. So I'm going to keep looking for a job and not just depend on him.

I hope I don't sound bitchy for wanting to have a job. It's not 1960 anymore. I can have a job if I want to. I finished college first so I should be able to find a job and make him follow me where I go.

If anyone's reading this, comments please?

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